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Wild Flower (ARC Copy)

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Forbidden romance threatens an exotic flower farmer’s business when two Flambé waiters become entranced with her. 

BECCA: When my best friend ditches me at Flambé with two panty-melting waiters the last thing I expect is to have a big-O in public. My tattoos and exotic flower farm make me seem wild, but I’m not that kind of woman … am I? I still live with my parents and my farm is on their land. Dating two men doesn’t fit into their conservative life plan for me. But when mom sets me up on another horrific blind date, I return to Flambé. And now, momma’s ugly duckling has a secret. Can I keep it without her finding out? Cliff jumping, hot nights, and photo shoots are fun, but is it worth losing my farm because of Archer and Finn?

ARCHER: I came to Hawaii to forget the past. Control is an illusion and the universe will kick your ass. So, I’m going to kick right back: thrills, fun, no commitments and no problems. That includes the sexy florist that blooms when she’s with me and my coworker Finn. The three of us are a recipe for sin, but I’m living on borrowed time, and there’s no way I’m falling in love.   

FINN: My photo teacher says I’m a “derivative, uninspired hack.” He isn’t wrong. I haven’t photographed anything worthwhile in ages. But everything changes when Becca walks into Flambé. Who knew a botanical-tattooed muse could set my photography on fire? The problem: my new work is too risqué, and I’m going to fail my class if I don’t present anything at the University show. Can I betray Becca’s trust, when I’m just starting to have feelings for her? And is she ready for our three-person relationship to be public?