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Gin and Lava

When two single people meet at a wedding, they should hook up, right? Even if those people happen to be me (sweet, demure, slay-the-day, people-pleaser Naomi) and Mason Haas (foul-mouthed, phallic-shirt-wearing owner of the local tiki bar)? And flings are forgettable, right? That is, unless it was the best one-night-stand of your life. But I swear I can forget about it, because I’m a good girl.

However, it looks like a second wedding is on the horizon, and guess who’ll be there? My ex, who was the trifecta: smart, rich, and unspeakably good-looking. But he dumped me and left me licking my wounds, and I’m not about to show up to another wedding single and pathetic. But wait: if Mason and I were so compatible in the bedroom, we’re bound to make fake-dating look like paradise. Nothing says I’m happy without you like a fake boyfriend on my arm. Or even better, a fake fiancé.