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About Elle

I’m the type of author who can’t wait for her characters to start making out!

I write smart, character-driven books that are evocative, sexy, and meant to get your pulse racing. If the story has a love triangle, witty banter, a ball, a sexy gown, an even sexier leading man … bring it on!

I’m inspired by travel, old cities, delicious food, castles, art, and fairy tales. I love the tactile quality of the world and my writing leans toward evoking the senses. I write both contemporary romance and romantic fantasy. My collection starts with contemporary romance, but I as I continue to write, I do have fantasy romances planned for the future (yes, lots of steamy reads to come!).

When I’m not writing, you can find me sipping wine, oil painting, wandering through art museums, gardening, hiking, rocking out to Taylor Swift, and binge-watching Game of Thrones (yes, again).

If you want to get in touch and chat about art, books, cocktails, or the wonders of being a hopeless romantic, you can find me on on Instagram!

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