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Absolutely scorching! Two headstrong, confident characters continuously sparing in a battle of wills.

- A.D. (reader review)


Tempers flare when a hot-headed chef is forced to hire her latest one-night-stand as her bartender. But when both are used to being boss, can they share the same kitchen without burning it down?

Rivals-to-Lovers | Workplace Romance | One-Night Stand

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A seduction: that’s what my restaurant Flambé will be when it opens—the hottest one-night stand you didn’t know you wanted to indulge in.

Except my one-night stand just became the lynchpin in securing my restaurant’s biggest investor. Flambé is a classy establishment, but now I have to hire the Tiki-drink-slinging shirtless wonder Connor Voss as my new bartender … or I’m out of business!

Call me a control-freak, but Connor is a recipe for disaster, and I won’t last the week. Not only is Connor sure that he can mix a drink better than me (let him try!), he thinks he’s allowed to play with fire, flirt with the wait staff, and defy everything I say. I may be “the boss”, but he’s sure he can do whatever he wants because he knows woman-on-top is not my favorite position.

But this is my kitchen. If Connor Voss wants to play with fire, then he’d better get ready, because he’s about to learn just how hot I burn.


“Fun and smart banter, I was hooked!” –  A. C.

“Well written, entertaining, and steamy.” – K. B.

“This is laugh-out-loud funny. The dialogue is so good!” – C. M. 

“Absolutely scorching! A real treat.” – A. D. A.

“Berlin has a way with words that makes me laugh out loud in a quiet room. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!” – K. T. 

“This book was filled with heat. The characters jumped off the page from their first fiery encounter.” – A. K.

“Just over here wishing Flambé was a real restaurant.” – L. R.

Join the readers who’ve fallen in love with Arie and Connor’s scorching hot romance and see if Arie can open her restaurant without succumbing to Connor’s naughty game, especially when he’s more than happy to taste-test her meringue.

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