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Read about the hot night that started it all … Something—or someone—had to inspire hot-headed chef Arie Noel to open the sexiest restaurant in Waikiki. That someone is Xander Carlisle. Romantic, gorgeous, and the trendiest new chef in London, Xander is American girl catnip. But to Arie, he’s just an old friend from culinary school; he’s definitely not “the one who got away.” When Xander invites Arie to cook for him, his flirty glances hint that more is on the line than her cooking reputation. Tonight might inspire something they’ve both been avoiding since college … and it starts with the perfect dessert.

Dirty Martini is the prequel to the Flambé series and is available exclusively on the Elle Berlin website.


Dazzling drinks. Decadent desserts. Hot Hawaiian nights!

“Elle Berlin’s Flambé series serves up a 5 course meal filled with spice and fire, but what you don’t see coming is a dash of soul-healing for dessert that rounds out the experience perfectly.” – Kristen. R. (Five-Star Review)

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“Elle Berlin is an addictive writer - the dialogue, the setting, the sexy sexy moments...all are wrapped in this un-put-downable package of yum!”

Heather D. (High-Rise Heat Five-Star Review)

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“Absolutely loved this steamy, intense story. Berlin has a spectacular way with language, description, and storytelling that is unparalleled. Her debut novel is a scintillating read and I can’t wait for more!” – Krakatoa

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