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Who Loves Weddings?

Champagne Fizz is set at a wedding.

Who loves a book set during a wedding?

In one of my previous posts I shared the cover reveal for Champagne Fizz. So naturally, you glorious readers have been asking questions. Like, what the heck is the new book about, Elle?

My answer: Do you like weddings? 

Because I looooove weddings.

My husband is a wedding photographer, so I get to gush about gorgeous decorations, dresses, and hair-dos all the time. But my love for weddings began many years earlier.

In fact, long before I ever had a serious boyfriend, I had subscriptions (yes, plural) to bridal magazines. I couldn’t get enough of the glitz and glamour. Other women were into fashion. I was into weddings.

When Pinterest became a thing, I created far more wedding boards than I care to admit. It’s just too easy to pin images for all the fantasy weddings I’m not actually going to throw.

One would’ve been forgiven for thinking I was destined to become a wedding planner. But just because that’s not what I do in real life, doesn’t mean my characters can’t take up the trade in a fictional world …

You see, creating a fictional restaurant named Flambé was my way of living out the fantasy of being a chef. Meanwhile, Champagne Fizz lets me live out the fantasy of what kind of wedding I’d throw at Flambé.

Give me candles, and black crystal, and boysenberry accents.

Give me chocolate drippings and wax-sealed invitations.

Give me pomegranates, and pincushion flowers, and — okay, you know I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to imagining a Flambé wedding, so feel free to check it out.

Obviously a wedding is a great set piece for a book … but it isn’t a story.

What happens? What’s the plot? Who’s going to fall in love?

Enter: The wedding planner!

Here’s what my heroine, Kendall Hart, has to say about throwing a Flambé wedding …


No one should ever plan a wedding at Flambé!

Why? As Ned and Olivia’s wedding planner, let me count the ways:

  1. Flambé is waaaay too sexy for a wedding. Remember, grandparents will be there.
  2. Flaming cocktails + a wedding veil = literally burning down the house.
  3. Head chef Arie is an absolute tyrant who thinks she’s planning the day.
  4. Co-owner Simon is Clark-Kent-hot … a huge distraction.
  5. Did I mention Simon’s sexy horn-rimmed glasses? Can I get an Amen!
  6. I have this condition where I get too excited around good-looking men. Like Simon.
  7. If the Flambé staff finds out I’m a virgin, I’ll never live it down.

Unfortunately, my bride is determined to get hitched in Flambé’s den of sin. The view there may be great, but everything else is complicated — especially with Simon as my liaison. I can’t stop having Superman fantasies about him. Worse, it seems like he might be up for a little roleplay, but he doesn’t know my pesky V-card will get in the way. And if Arie and I spend more than five minutes together, somebody’s going to find body parts in the chocolate crème.

Of course, none of that matters because I’m a professional. It’s my job to make my bride and groom’s life easier, even if it means making my own life hell. And everything between Simon and I can wait until after the wedding … maybe. If he’ll just stop giving me that dang sexy smile.

Champagne Fizz is a standalone, first-time romantic comedy and the fourth book in the Flambé Series

Mark your calendars! Champagne Fizz comes out on Tuesday, Sept 27th. Grab your copy for the special pre-order price now; the book will increase to its regular price on release day.

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