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Tropical Heat Inspiration

The resort that inspired the book.

If you don’t know this already, I’m addicted to Pinterest. When I’m not writing, I’m pinning, pinning, pinning. I can spend some serious hours on the app.

I come from a background in visual art (I was a painter and an illustrator in a previous life), so I love to look at pictures to get inspired. I also love to create Pinterest boards for novels and characters. It’s my way of feeling like I’m working when my brain doesn’t want to deal with words.

One of the many Pinterest boards I have is a Creative Settings inspiration board for beautiful locations I might write into a book one day. Long before I started writing Tropical Heat, I started pinning images from this incredible resort in Tulum, Mexico to that board. After nine or ten pins, my imagination started to run away with scenes and ideas from this exotic location:  hammocks the size of rooms, tree-house restaurants, baths carved at the foot of waterfalls, bamboo art and installations.

Here’s a peek at my Tropical Heat Pinterest board:

Tropical Heat Pinterest Board

Isn’t this the perfect setting for a jungle-paradise romance?

Tropical Heat Pinterest Board

I mean look at that round bed with the princess sheers (you know that made it into the story).

Tropical Heat Pinterest Board

Waterfalls, beaches, a jungle oasis, and creative architecture? This location screamed write me into a book! So, I did.

Tropical Heat Pinterest Board

These images actually come from multiple resorts, beaches, waterfalls, and restaurants from all over Mexico (not just the Azulik resort in Tulum). However, as the writer, I get to pick and choose all the perfect elements to create my fantasy version of paradise. I named it the Selva Resort and made it the setting of my new enemies-to-lovers, sexy romance Tropical Heat.

Tropical Heat is the steamy, second book in my Heat series, and you can read all about it below.

Tropical Heat

Isaac Green’s reputation precedes him: He takes what he wants. 

When it comes to business, I do things my way. I fly across the globe and run my company in Paris, or Beijing, or wherever I damn well please. I never hesitate to take a good deal. And I sure as sin don’t hesitate in the bedroom: no woman is out of the question. Not even Zusanna LaCour, the vixen in the red dress who thinks she can convince me to sell my company.

To my enemy’s credit, she’s done her research. She’s tracked me to the secluded Selva Resort in the Mexican jungle. She knows my soft spot for women who aren’t afraid to blaze through the mud on an ATV, or skinny dip in the spray of a waterfall. I love to take risks, and she’s made that part of her plan: seduce the playboy entrepreneur, then get him to sign a contract he’ll regret.  

It’ll be fun to watch her try. 

It’ll be even more fun to outsmart her in both business and the bedroom. Because I’ve learned you can mix business and pleasure—even with your enemies—as long as love isn’t part of the game. 

Because love is the wild card that messes up everything. 

Tropical Heat is now available for pre-order. The book comes out on April 5th, 2022. Pre-order your copy here!