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Tik Tok

Guess who joined TikTok?

Do you love or hate TikTok?

I avoided TikTok for months.

No, I avoided TikTok for years.

I didn’t want another social media platform in my life. I knew it would just be one more time-suck in a world that’s constantly vying for my attention.

The better choice would be to use that time to write.


The answer, of course, is YES!

It’s always better to use my time to write. It’s my passion. It’s what brings me the most joy (except maybe when my corgi sleeps on his back with his little stubby legs in the air, that might bring me more joy).

But TikTok is unavoidable in our culture, and it turns out it’s a great way to engage with fans (like you). So I put my stubborn streak aside and finally … late in game … joined TikTok this week.

My baby fledgling TikTok account only has a few videos so far, but you know what? I actually like making them.

In a past life I went to film school, and one of my favorite classes was editing. The old adage is the editor rewrites the story the final time. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much: it’s still about storytelling.

I don’t claim to be a TikTok master … or even a tadpole, but I’m learning and having fun. So, if you’re up for the journey, you can follow me at @elleberlinauthor where you can watch and comment on my silly little videos.

In fact, here are a few of my first videos to check out!



See you on TikTok!