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The Blood Bond

A spicy paranormal romance on Kindle Vella

I did something a little scary last month.

If you’re familiar with my novels, you know that I write mostly contemporary romance and romantic comedies. I love ’em, and they’re my bread and butter.

But every October, when the ghostly decorations come out, I start binge-watching horror movies and reading paranormal romance … then, I remember that I have a secret:

There’s a spooky little story locked up in my writer’s drawer, banging on the floorboards, desperate to get out.

To soothe the beast, I tell this bloody manuscript:

  • 👻 I don’t write these types of books.
  • ⚰️ You’re off-brand!
  • 🦇 My readers want witty rom-com banter … not blood, sex, and vampire curses.
  • 🧛 I mean, you’re one hot-as-sin manuscript and I love you, even though I keep you locked up. And sure, my readers might like you too. But I’m scared, because you’re a completely different genre!
  • 🌶️🌶️🌶️ Okay, you’re still a super-spicy romance with a fun plot, and I totally love your characters (even though they have fangs). So, you’re really not that different.
  • 🎃 Good point, manuscript. I should really grow some balls.

So, I decided to unleash the monster this year. That’s right, I started publishing a paranormal romance novel … and he’s got BITE!

Introducing my first vampire romance!


Zephyr has returned to New Orleans to start over: as a chef, and in love. When an accident reveals that vampires are the secret to NOLA’s culinary elite, Zephyr is forced to drink the blood of the city’s vampire prince. A blood bond magic grips them both, causing a wild attraction, and Zephyr finds herself distracted from her work. Sure, she could submit. But when a vampire and a human bond, the human never survives.

Read the first three episodes for FREE on Kindle Vella!

Oh yeah … that’s the other scary (but exciting) thing: my new erotic vampire romance has been published on Vella, a new episodic platform for stories.

And it’s available right now!

The first twelves episodes of the novel are ready to devour now, and I will be releasing a new episode every day until the season is complete.

What a bloody delicious treat! Or trick. Go read the first three episodes and see if you get addicted!