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Mermaids of the Deep

Sexy women who drag men into the deep with their voices and beauty...

Who Loves Mermaids?

Every since I’ve been a girl I’ve loved mermaids. Maybe it’s a phase that every girl goes through that comes from a seeded obsession when we’re read the Hans Christian Anderson story. Or maybe we can blame it on Disney. Nevertheless, it’s a phase I never grew out of.

There’s something mystical about mermaids and underwater worlds. They capture us with their exotic scales and floating ethereal hair, exotic women who drag men into the deep with their voices and their beauty.

I must be a mermaid for I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. – Anais Nin

I’ve been working on a new story and (yes!) it has mer-creatures in it! Strong beautiful creatures with silvery fins and gorgeous eyes. It’s perfect fodder for the imagination.

To help me get inspired I spend hours (yes, hours) on Pinterest. Below is a peek at the new board I made to help inspire this story and many more to come.

In my frenzy of pinning, I discovered the artist Victor NizovtsevIf who has a mermaid series. His color palette it luminous and shimmering, and his work reminds me of youthful illustrations combined with a sensual adult flair.

Additionally, one of my all-time favorite mermaid paintings is The Golden Rose by Donato Giancola. According to his website the image was creates for the a book cover of a novel. The image haunts me and someday I’ll write a story inspired by it.

If you want to see all of my mermaid inspiration, please visit my mermaid Pinterest board! In the meantime, happy swimming.


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