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New Book in the Heat Series

Don't have book one spoiled!

The second book in the Heat series is coming out in April!

But … book two has SPOILERS in it! So, you’d better make sure you’ve read book one (High-Rise Heat) before book two hits the shelves.

High-Rise Heat is the first book in the Heat series, and it’s about … actually, let’s have some fun as I tell you the plot.

Let’s play choose your own adventure. Imagine this …You’ve been in love with your uber-sexy boss for two years and the two of you are about to go on a big business trip in Hong Kong … a trip where you’ll be sharing the same hotel suit.

Do you:

A. Be a professional. You don’t mix business and pleasure.

B. Decide to change your relationship status from flirty looks across the board room to multiple O’s while you’re on the other side of the globe!

You pick B, of course (this is a steamy romance after all).

Now imagine … You’ve got everything planned to seduce Mr. Boss Man: sexy lingerie, fuck-me heels, and the high-rise suite of your dreams. But … There’s a half-naked hottie lounging on the couch of your suite. Hello, stranger! It turns out your boss invited his best friend from law school to crash the party. What do you do now?

Or … What would Ilsa do?

Meet Ilsa, the smart and ambitious protégé of Dominick Pierce. He’s taught her everything she knows about business acquisitions. But after two years under his wing … Ilsa wants more than a mentor.

Will Ilsa seduce Dominick, her gorgeous hunk-in-a-suit boss? He is the perfect gentleman after all …

Or … Will she be swept off her feet by Isaac, the lounge-around-half-naked stranger who owns an internet start-up and isn’t afraid to take what he wants?

And what he wants is Ilsa.

Who would you pick?

If you want to see which man Ilsa chooses, then you’ll definitely want to grab a copy of High-Rise Heat!

Click here to read High-Rise Heat!