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Hello, Barcelona!

Highlights from my vacation.

In 2020, my husband and I planned an epic European vacation for the summer. In January, our tickets and hotels were booked … but as the world knows, COVID had different plans. Fast forward two years and my husband and I are finally in Spain. Ole!

My Top 3 Highlights from Spain!

1. All things Art Nouveau and Gaudi! 

It turns out that in Spain they call the Art Nouveau Movement the Moderniste Movement. I’ve loved this type of art and design since I went to art school, and it was so incredible to see Antoni Gaudi’s work in person. I mean just look at the incredible light in those images from Sagrada Familia! Gah!

*SPOILER* The third book in the Heat series is called Barcelona Heat (no, I haven’t written it yet). I knew I would fall in love with this city when I was writing the end of book two (Tropical Heat) where it’s hinted that Barcelona was in this series’ future. So get ready to fall for a sexy Spaniard (and learn all sorts of nerdy art facts about Gaudi).

2. The Food

You can’t go to Spain and not indulge! And if you’ve read the Flambé series, then you know I’m a foodie. Spain is known for it’s tapas and I went a little nuts: octopus, razor clams, squid ink paella! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


3. The History and the Surrounding Cities

Barcelona has a Medieval quarter where it feels like you’ve been dropped into a fantasy film. In fact, I even traveled to the small town of Girona where part of Game of Thrones was filmed. Yes, this GOT nerd had to buy herself a “golden hand” popsicle (it was blood red inside) in honor of Jamie Lannister. I love how old everything is in Europe, and it got my creativity flowing. I’m not gonna lie, this sexy-book writer may be penning some fantasy romance books in her future. If that sounds awesome to you, be sure to let me know!

Next week, I head to Venice, Italy, where no doubt I’ll be inspired to write several more books. I hope you’re going on some fabulous adventures of your own this summer too! Please find me on social media and tell me all about it.

Live your best life Book Babes!

XOXO, Elle