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Gin And Lava

It's Release Day!

Woot! Woot! Gin and Lava is now available!

I’m so excited to announce that GIN AND LAVA, the fifth book in the Flambé series, has just hit the shelves. You can now read the spicy, standalone, fake-dating rom-com in both eBook and paperback formats. The eBook is available on Amazon and KU, and the paperback is available on Amazon.

I’m also having a book release party online on Friday, Jan 27th at the Bookish Girl’s Party Room (Facebook group)! Come join the fun.



When two single people meet at a wedding, they should hook up, right? Even if those people happen to be me (sweet, demure, slay-the-day people-pleaser) and Mason Haas (foul-mouthed, phallic-shirt-wearing owner of the local tiki bar)?

And flings are forgettable, right? That is, unless it was the best one-night-stand of your life. But I swear I can forget about it, because I’m a good girl.

However, it looks like a second wedding is on the horizon, and guess who’ll be there? My ex, who was the trifecta: smart, rich, and unspeakably good-looking. But he dumped me and left me licking my wounds, and I’m not about to show up to another wedding single and pathetic.

But wait: if Mason and I were so compatible in the bedroom, we’re bound to make fake-dating look like paradise. Nothing says I’m happy without you like a fake boyfriend on my arm. Or even better, a fake fiancé. 

However, when the bride, wedding party, and my ex all show up a week early and stay at my Hawaiian beach house, paradise suddenly gets overcrowded. 

A fake relationship is easy for a day, but how will we keep it up for a whole week in Hawaii? Especially when Mason starts to play fiancé a little too well. In fact, I’m not sure if we’re still faking at all.