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Delicious Darkness

The food that inspired Flambé!

I often fantasize about …

… opening my own restaurant. It’s something I love to think about, but will never actually do. Yes, I can bake, but I can’t really do much else (cook, fry, sauté). In truth, I may just love looking a food porn (thank you addiction to Pinterest).

The great news about being a writer is the things I don’t do in real life, I can have my characters do in my books. It turns out all that day dreaming about opening a restaurant becomes great research for character development.

Hence, in my forthcoming novel Flambé (it comes out June 8th), my leading lady, Arie, is a chef! Everything I love about caramel-dripping cakes and chocolate covered fruit have become Arie’s obsessions. And boy, does she love all things decadent and able to be set on fire!

So, in the name of world building and character development … I created some Pinterest boards. And here’s a little taste for you to enjoy …

About the Book:

 The perfect dessert should lick you dirty.

A seduction: that’s what my restaurant Flambé will be when it opens—the hottest one-night stand you didn’t know you wanted to indulge in.

Except my one-night stand just became the lynchpin in securing my restaurant’s biggest investor. Flambé is a classy establishment, but now I have to hire the Tiki-drink-slinging shirtless wonder Connor Voss as my new bartender … or I’m out of business!

Call me a control-freak, but Connor is a recipe for disaster, and I won’t last the week. Not only is Connor sure that he can mix a drink better than me (let him try!), he thinks he’s allowed to play with fire, flirt with the wait staff, and defy everything I say. I may be “the boss”, but he’s sure he can do whatever he wants because he knows woman-on-top is not my favorite position.

But this is my kitchen.

If Connor Voss wants to play with fire, then he’d better get ready, because he’s about to learn just how I hot I burn.

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