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Meet the Characters from Dark and Stormy!

Meet the Characters from Dark and Stormy!

Book seven in the Flambé series will be hitting the shelves on Nov 21st, 2023. You’ve probably met Arie and Connor earlier in the Flambé series, but today you’re going to meet all four of the main the characters from Dark and Stormy.


My business partner left, and I’m stuck running Flambé by myself. I’m horrible at it – because I’m a chef, not a restaurant manager. My solution: invite famous chef Xander Carlisle to come help. He’s my ex, but I’m sure my boyfriend Connor won’t mind. I don’t have feelings for Xander anymore. Do I?


Who the hell is Xander Carlisle? And why hasn’t Arie told me about him? I want to trust my girlfriend, but everyone says Xander was the one and he even inspired the restaurant we work in. Well, Xander can fly across an ocean, but I’m not giving up Arie without a fight. 


Just because Arie is asking for business help doesn’t mean she wants to rekindle our old flame. Besides, she’s not single. I’ve always been a gentleman, and I respect Arie too much to act on feelings I’ve had since culinary school. Which means pretending to date the cute writer I’ve just met on the plane is a brilliant idea. What could go wrong? 


My agent will drop me if I don’t come up with a commercial book idea, and fast! Preferably romance – which is not my genre. But when the literary gods drop a hot British man into the seat next to me on the ride to Hawaii, I hatch a plan. Fake-dating Xander is perfect research for my new story, and there’s no way I’d fall for him like a silly heroine in a bestselling book. Because that’s fiction, and in real life he’s in love with someone else.

When chef Arie’s ex comes to town, she’s caught in a love triangle between her bartender boyfriend and the London chef who left years ago. DARK AND STORMY is a spicy, standalone, love-triangle, fake-dating romantic comedy.