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I Love the Fire

The perfect dessert licks you dirty with its surprise sweetness.

Flambé Book Teaser

The following excerpt is from my upcoming novel Flambé.


I love the fire.

I love the way it burns close to the skin.

I love the way the flames dance and heat into a blue iridescence. I love the smell of the fire: sulfur and smoked wood and sugar burning.

The perfect dessert licks you dirty with its surprise sweetness.

The perfect cocktail is lit with diablo’s kiss. The perfect pastry is bruleed-golden with three layers of molten glaze. The perfect dessert is a hot fuck that licks you dirty with its surprise sweetness, with its creamy center that makes you gasp and sit up straight, makes your toes curl, makes your thighs quake. That’s what my restaurant will be when it opens – a seduction – the hottest one-night stand you didn’t know you wanted to indulge in and now you don’t want to end.

So, put on that tight skirt, that little lacy number, that dress that seems a little too daring. Bring your taste buds, and your sweet dreams, and your skin that’s just a hint too eager. In three weeks, I open the sexiest late-night restaurant in all of Hawaii, and trust me, if licking chocolate off a jalapeno pepper makes you blush, then Flambé is going to burn you up.


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